Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading Handbook. Handbook Of Psychic Cold Reading by Dantalion Jones. Author of the books. “Mind Control Language. cold reading – a process used by professional psychics, mind readers, This concise, how-to manual takes you step-by-step through summary documents available in downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. As cold. Basically this book is more for Entertaining people at parties and being a mind reader. This is almost trying to discredit being a true psychic which myself and.

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DownloadThe handbook of psychic cold reading pdf free. I think the next turn mechanic I m going to try is Konica Minolta Pagepro W Printer Driver. The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Believe it or not you don't have to be psychic. Why are psychic or cold readings done? Throughout history, man has sought to understand, predict and control his life and nature. In primitive cultures, primitive .

The fact is most tall women have felt this in their lives but it was he who mysteriously pulled that out of their mind. Being able to do a psychic reading creates an opportunity for any reader to meet and speak with anyone who shows an interest. Simply by saying You have very nice energy.

Another option is to attend a social engagement with a wingman whose job is to go around and tell people My friend is a psychic. It can be very mundane or very dramatic just be willing to tell it whenever someone asks.

A few examples of a good hook are I learn to read card and palms from my grandmother who brought is over from the old country. People in our neighborhood would visit her in these secret meetings where she would tell their fortunes. One day she sat me aside to teach me. I didn't know I was psychic until a psychic told me I was. Even when I was very young I could feel as if there was something beneath the surface of things and when I started to tell people I got into a lot of trouble. Then it became clear that this was gift I have to use with some caution There is nothing about me that I believe is psychic.

It's when I start to talk to people and describe things about them that I had no way of knowing.. Now, I don't pretend to know what it is. All I know is that sometimes even I'm amazed at what I describe.

The Rules of Being a Good Cold Reader Before going any further it is important to point out that this attempt at describing psychic cold reading is not to discredit those people who truly feel they are psychic. This is merely a description of the psychic cold reading process. What are are basic rules of cold reading? Never refer to what you are doing as a trick.

This undermines the mysteriousness of what you are doing and can turn you into a trickster instead of someone that people want to learn from. If you resort to some form of slight of hand or magic during the reading under no circumstances reveal how it was done. Practice as much as you can with as many people as possible.

The more you practice the better you will get at reading people and being able to talk on your feet as if you were a psychic. If you do use magic tricks during your psychic presentation use them sparingly and only to add impact to your presentation.

Never do more than three or four unless you are getting paid for your psychic reading. As much as possible avoid telling the sitter anything directly. My intuition tells me The sense I get is that The cards are telling me There is an impression I'm getting Bill yourself as doing it only for entertainment, While at the same time emphasizing that you have a serious intuitive gift.

Some cold reading books would tell you for ethical reasons that you should never claim supernatural powers. That does not forbid you from allowing people to think it.

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In fact, people will believe it more if they conclude it on their own without any explicit instructions. A few cold readers have made themselves more convincing by telling their sitter not to reveal that the psychic has an intuitive gift. When starting any cold reading the one thing that will make all the difference is the belief that you can do a good cold reading. This belief acts to make the process easy.

I'm personally convinced that the one thing that has prevented people from doing more cold readings is the lack of confidence that belief contains. Remember that the key ingredient of a successful character reading is confidence. If you look and act as if you believe in what you are doing, you will be able to sell even a bad reading to most subjects. One danger of playing the role of reader is that you may actually begin to believe that you really are divining your subject's true character!

Make creative use of the latest statistical abstracts, polls and surveys.

These can provide you with much information about what various subclasses in our society believe, do, want , worry about etc.

Set the stage for your reading. Profess a modesty about your talents. Make no excessive claims. You will then catch your subject off guard. Gain the subject's cooperation in advance. Emphasize that the success of the reading depends as much on the subject's cooperation as on your efforts. After all, you imply, you already have a successful career at character reading - You are not on trial, your subject is! State that due to difficulties of language and communication, you may not always convey the meaning you intend.

You accomplish two valuable ends with this dodge - Firstly, you have an alibi in case the reading doesn't click; it's the subject's fault, not yours! Later, when the subject recalls the reading, you will be credited with much more detail than you actually provided! This is crucial. Your reading will only succeed to the degree that the subject is made an active participant in the reading.

Use a gimmick, such as Tarot cards, crystal ball, palm reading etc. Use of props serves two valuable purposes. Firstly, it lends atmosphere to the reading. You may opt to hold hands with your subject - This will help you feel the subject's reactions to your statements.

If you are using , say, palmistry the reading of hands it will help if you have studied some manuals, and have learned the terminology. This will allow you to more quickly zero in on your subject's chief concerns - "do you wish to concentrate on the heart line or the wealth line? Have a list of stock phrases at the tip of your tongue. Even during a cold reading, a liberal sprinkling of stock phrases will add body to the reading and will help you fill in time while you formulate more precise characterizations.

Use them to start your readings. Astrology, palmistry, tarot and other fortune telling manuals are a key source of good phrases. Seriously, go to the book store and finger through a few of these books. When reading through them you'll find some really great phrases that you can add to your stock. Keep your eyes open! Use your other senses as well. Even a crude classification based on these can provide the basis for a good reading.

Also, watch carefully for your subject's response to your statements - You will soon learn when you are hitting the mark! Use the technique of fishing. Then you rephrase what you have been told and feed it back to the subject.

One way of fishing is to phrase each statement as question, then wait for the reply. If the reply or reaction is positive, then you turn the statement into a positive assertion. Often the subject will respond by answering the implied question and then some. Learn to be a good listener.

During the course of a reading your client will be bursting to talk about incidents that are brought up. The good reader allows the client to talk at will. On one occasion I observed a tealeaf reader. Afterward when I questioned the client about the reading she vehemently insisted that she had not uttered a single word during the course of the reading.

The client praised the reader for having astutely told her what in fact she herself had spoken. Another value of listening is that most clients that seek the services of a reader actually want someone to listen to their problems.

The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading: Psychic Reading for the Non-Psychic

In addition, many clients have already made up their minds about what choices they are going to make. They merely want support to carry out their decision. Dramatize your reading. This is so important.

Give back what little information you do have or pick up a little bit at a time. Make it seem more than it is. Build word pictures around each divulgence. In the moment that you are speaking the words believe and feel what you are saying.

Don't be afraid of hamming it up. Always give the impression that you know more than you are saying. Once you have persuaded the subject that you know one item of information that you couldn't possibly have known through normal channels the subject will assume that you know all!

At this point, the subject will open up and confide in you. You can do the following, but do it sparingly; begin to speak about something that seems important but then, as if out of no where, Stop It may sound something like this There is something that seems I'll get back to that in a moment. Don't be afraid to flatter your subject at every opportunity. An occasional subject will protest, but will still lap it up.

In such cases, you can add, "You are always suspicious of those who flatter you. You just can't believe that someone will say something good about you without an ulterior motive". The benefit in having these ready at hand is that they will give you a great start to follow up each topic.

You'll also notice that your subjects will tend to be interested in one topic more that others. As a general rule when you are saying these things you are supposed to sensing impressions or vibes so it's a good idea to throw in I sense, I feel, My intuition is telling me Many people have a standard order in which they do these. If that works for you, great. Other people will cover these topics much more haphazardly. As you cover these topics they provide a great opportunity to give simple and common sense advise which will easily be accepted in a reading.

Intelligence and Emotion You have a very sharp mind. In fact, I sense that you perceive things and think about things on a slightly different level than most people.

There are a few things that you will hold very close to the vest because you know some people aren't ready to know these things in the same way you are. You are one not inclined to put up with others nonsense.

While you recognize the value of education in your life you value even more the education you've received from based on life experience. Money I don't give investment advise, but I sense that in the area of money you are not a risk seeker.

Unlike a lot of people I think you've come the realization that money doesn't download happiness but it does solve a lot of problems.

So first and foremost you've focused your money on problem solving and then on the fun that it can bring you. Appearance As a child you were overly critical of yourself and your appearance, never being satisfied with your hair or your complexion. However you began to gain more confidence as you grew older. I would say that you've learned a few things about how to deal with the opposite sex and you keep those secrets close to the vest and use them when you need to.

Romance For women You've attracted plenty of the wrong type of men. But what you've learned is, of course, what you like. Any man you choose to show an interest in MUST have a sense of humor and has to be able to appreciate your off-beat sense of humor. You've learned a few things about how to attract men but you remain uncertain how to proceed when you meet someone who seems out of your league nonetheless, your best instrument to attract men still remains to be your shy and flirtatious smile.

Career You are a person who is comfortable making decisions. You work easily in a management or supervisory capacity. I see someone who can set goals and more in a forthright manner to achieve them.

You are not sick a lot and rarely miss work. One of your biggest professional desires is to be given to opportunity to prove what you know you're capable of. It would benefit you to not wait to be offered that chance but instead choose to act and genuinely prove your professional competence.

This is where you must hold fast to your professional goals and ambitions. Health You have to understand that I don't give medical advice so I can't advise on issues of illness. I can comment on health and the vitality of your body. There is a very good chance that you will outlive your spouse. Because you don't like taking pills or medications you seem to be healthier that others your age. To begin you will learn the readers Soul Path Number which will either be a single digit or the number 11 or To do this add together the day, month and year of their date of birth.

The Handbook of psychic Cold reading – Psychic Reading For The Non-Psychic

So for example if someone is born on September 3rd you would add together. If at any point your total is either 11 or 22 don't reduce it any further and these are the numbers of old souls in numerology which will be explained.

Go ahead and determine what your soul path number is. Each of these numbers designate certain qualities within an individual and are refered to as Soul Numbers. These often-flamboyant individuals crave being in the spotlight. They delight in experimentation and are the first to exploit a trend or new philosophy that will allow them to stand out from the crowd, hence the key word independence.

More than anything the almost childish Soul Number 1 secretly desires unconditional approval from others they work to achieve this by doing what they feel is the right thing in the eyes of others. They can be great successes in life and sometimes find that they are longing for the next project to work on. They may have a weakness of boasting about their deeds which can help and hurt them in many ways.

Their goal is to be enough in their own eyes to not have to boast. Keywords cooperation and diplomacy ] This people are often the power behind the thrown, so to speak. They are able to smooth troubles and are appreciated for what they do. Individuals with this number have a deep desire to always be right but they see things at a higher level and are able to move things and people in a diplomatic way.

As they often lead difficult lives that are fraught with criticism from others, especially in child hood, it is their desire for respect that leads them to be so difficult sometimes. Soul number 18 Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading Handbook 2's greatly benefit most from developing an accepting and diplomatic approach when dealing with other people. Soul Number 3 [mnemonic images: Self Expression and creative ] Threes are creative and very good at starting things much more than finishing them.

Good talkers and can express themselves well. They don't like to work within restrictions but they learn, over time, that it's best when working with others to keep within the structures that are given them for success.

Soul number 3's have a great desire to be beautiful. In childhood they are usually the ugly ducklings and even though many of them do grow into swans, they still often feel that there is something wrong with their appearance. Soul Number 3's do not believe in aging gracefully and many of them resort to plastic surgery in later years to defy the ravages of time.

Some Number 3's also become artists or photographers so that they can convey the importance of beauty to others. Soul Number 4 [mnemonic images: Hard work ] More than anything, Soul Number 4's crave emotional and financial security. As a result they will work very hard to achieve what they need first then what they want second.

They can be clingy, possessive and controlling of their loved ones. Their fear of taking risks can also cause them to be "stuck", especially when it comes to academics and career. Number 4's tend to stick to what they know works and react with hostility to any suggestion about change. Developing the confidence to handle anything that comes their way is the best way for number 4's to overcome their insecurity.

Soul Number 5 [mnemonic images: Freedom and Variety ] Soul Number 5's desire freedom more than anything else in their lives. They are somewhat claustrophobic and feel very confined by office jobs and routines. To avoid apathy and depression, number 5's should seek out careers that involve a great deal of travel or a flexible time schedule.

They function best as the owners of their own business or as entrepreneurs. Developing a regimen of spiritual study also greatly assists 5's as that helps them quell their restlessness and develop a sense of inner peace. Soul Number 6 [mnemonic images: Home and family responsibility Soul Number 6's ARE often taking responsibility for more than their fair share.

They often find people, often family, giving them responsibilities they wouldn't otherwise take on. They have a strong desire justice at all costs. These proactive individuals consider themselves to be agents of karma and often work behind the scenes to punish the undeserving and reward those who they consider to be underdogs.

They are also perfectionists on many levels and often make unrealistic demands on themselves and others in their never-ending quest to balance the score. To mitigate a tendency to resent all authority or judge a book by its cover, 6's need to learn a tolerance and acceptance of others who do not share their opinions or moral standards. Soul Number 7 [mnemonic images: Seven Heaven, Word spirituality analysis and wisdom ] Soul Number 7's find themselves on a different path than others.

They find themselves learn all the way through life and often end up with an affirming faith or philosophy that gives them strength. Their differences make them a little bit harder to get close to making them seem hard to fit in. Soul Number 7's desire unconditional love. Many of them come from abusive or addicted families, so often they succumb to addiction or codependencies with toxic partners.

Unfortunately their kindness is not always rewarded, as they tend to choose emotionally unavailable, mentally ill or otherwise difficult partners. Individuals following this difficult soul path often learn several hard lessons about "letting go" of bad relationships before the end of their life. Soul Number 8 [mnemonic images: ] Soul Number 8's are practical creatures that value success above all else.

Even as children many of them demonstrate an incredible ability to relate to other people as well as make the right decisions regarding academics and career. Although they can appear selfish and materialistic to others, their actual desire at least in the beginning is to create a more prosperous future for their family, friends and community. Often they need to learn that aside from acquiring great wealth, there are simpler routes to happiness.

Soul Number 9 [mnemonic images: ] Those born with a Soul Number 9 have a great desire to transcend all karma by using humor. Many are witty writers, public speakers and filmmakers.

They are also great teachers as they have a way of transforming spiritual messages and philosophies into entertainment for the 20 Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading Handbook masses. Most of them are gentle souls who have made it their life mission to make the world into a kinder place. Many of them are also liberal thinkers who support the right of each individual to make their own mistakes.

Their motto is "Remember to take time out to smell the flowers. The prime directive of these individuals is to transform the world through the use of spiritual knowledge, talents or tools. More than anything these individuals often desire to be as close to God or enlightenment as is possible in this world. Many have been born into bad situations that allows them to learn even more about the nature of life This eventually leads them to an incarnation as a "wounded healer" later in life that enables them to enlighten others.

Soul Number 22 [mnemonic images: ] Number 22's are the master manifesters of the numerology divination system. These individuals rarely make a move in life without first making sure that their decisions are aligned with the guidance of something greater some might call it 'Divine Will'.

These souls are sent to us to transform the world for the better. They accomplish this by combining practicality and genius with inspiration, intuition and a heart-felt desire to do what is best for all. Most 22? These are the beginnings of a very thorough cold reading system. Once you determine the sitters soul number you begin your reading with that.

Doing psychic cold readings exercises a particular mental muscle that is capable of thinking on a higher level. To explain this, consider how the higher up the levels of power you go the more you control.

The same is true of knowledge, the more you can know the more you can influence. Psychic readings require the reader to quickly observe someone and make global assumptions about them. The psychic reader gathers more information from their observation than the normal person just by paying attention. From that the reader finds an artful way to describe what they've learned from their quick scan and do it in such a way that the subject feels as if someone is reading their diary.

Being able to do a psychic reading creates an opportunity for any controller to meet and speak with anyone who shows an interest.

In a social setting or party people will quickly find a way to talk to the psychic in the room. Before going any further it is important to point out that this attempt at describing 21 Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading Handbook psychic cold reading is not to discredit those people who truly feel they are psychic.

First, I'd like to attribute Herb Dewey for a good portion of this section. Herb was one of the forerunners of any codified cold reading system and I encourage anyone interested in cold reading to read his work. Below you'll learn the very brief descriptions of the various personalities associate with the signs of the zodiac.

There are only 12 so, with a bit of practice, they will not be hard to remember. As you get further into the qualities of these astrological personalities you'll be able to add even more detail. To start your reading you can mentally run through the zodiac signs and determine which best fits with the person you're reading. Without mentioning the sign begin to describe these qualities to the person You can then ask which characteristics most closely describes themselves and then ask for their birth sign.

Using this method you can apply it to any cold reading system including Tarot, numerology, auras, etc. What follows is an abbreviated description of each of the zodiac personalities. The dates roughly go from the 20th of the month to the 20th of the next month. Aries March 21 The Ram Pioneering, enthusiastic, courageous.

ARIES is fiery self-will in action; pioneering energy; new growth seeking to emerge. The house where your Aries rules is where you will be challenged to grow and learn; where new things will keep emerging. Here you throw yourself into physical activity. The house where your Taurus rules is where you will be challenged to be practical and productive. You hang on to the things of this house for security. Gemini May 21 The Twins intellectual, adaptable, clever, often having two sides.

GEMINI is abstract curiosity seeking to form a picture of the world, and to communicate those perceptions to others. The house where your Gemini rules is where you will be challenged to learn by following your curiosity; where communication will be important;, and where you will be able to see both sides of an issue. Cancer June 21 The Crab sensitive, adaptable, clever. CANCER is healing, nurturing, sensitivity seeking psychological understanding, emotional self-expression, and the capacity to heal others.

The house where your Cancer rules is where you will be challenged to create a "safe place" in which to grow emotionally. Here you have deep feelings, and tend to be super-sensitive and defensive. Leo July 21 The Lion Bold, extroverted, generous, authoritative.

LEO is self-expression seeking confidence, ease, and honor in the social world. The house where your Leo rules is where you will be challenged to "shine"; to apply the positive, creative qualities of your sun sign, and find a sense of inner peace.

Virgo August 22 The Virgin - critical, exacting, intelligent. VIRGO is analysis, refinement, and discrimination seeking perfection and purification of the self. This is the sign of the craftsman. The house where your Virgo rules is where you will be challenged to analyze your feelings in a practical, unemotional way.

Here is where you can serve others in a quiet, unassuming way. The house where your Libra rules is where you will be challenged to find balance. Here your ability to see both sides of any issue can lead to difficulty making choices. Scorpio October 23 The Scorpion secretive, strong, passionate. SCORPIO is intense emotional power probing and penetrating into the unconscious; seeking the power of transformation at work in ordinary reality; seeking to accept all that is frightening or overwhelming.

The house where your Scorpio rules is where you will be challenged to completely transform your life. You seek control in this part of your life and can be manipulative and secretive.

The house where your Sagittarius rules is where you will be challenged to to expand your experiences. You are philosophical about the affairs of this house, and generous with its gifts.

The house where your Capricorn rules is where you will be challenged to win respect and recognition from others. You tend to combine traditional and original approaches to the affairs of this house, or to feel the frustration of being torn between the two. Aquarius, January 20 The Water Bearer original open-minded, independent. The house where your Aquarius rules is where you will be challenged to seek new knowledge in order to break down old ideas.

Here you are very much ahead of your time. Pisces, February 19 The Fish kind, sensitive, creative. The house where your Pisces rules is where you will be challenged to discern between illumination and illusion. Here is a doorway, either to higher spiritual knowledge or to escape through day-dreaming or self-indulgence. It's difficult to learn to trust and follow your intuition, and you will feel as if you are acting blindly.

There is a simple way to begin a cold reading based on the astrological system.


You start by simply guessing which astrological sing bests fits your reader and begin to describe the qualities of that sign without mentioning the sign. After giving an initial impression a friend of mine would ask the reader Tell me, what is your favorite time of year? What he found is that on average people's favorite time of year is most often the same season as the month they were born.

This is of course not fail safe but simply a generalization. Just go to site. The book list is LONG. You just need to know how to use the real life tools of reading people as if they were an open book. While most audiences enjoy watching good magic and mentalism. How would it feel if you had a quick way to master cold reading?

But if you want to give psychic readings for money, you are going to have to develop a persona. This is where the fun comes in because there is nothing so enjoyable as reinventing yourself. A persona is the combination of characteristics an actor takes on in order to become their chosen role. What kind of persona? Well, as a psychic reader, how would you like to appear to others? How about an actor or actress playing a role in a film?

It can also be a composite of alluring traits. The Handbook of Psychic Cold Reading will show you how to evolve your persona so that everyone has fun. Picture this: Watch the looks on their faces and their mouths drop as you tell them all about their past, their present problems and concerns, and their future.

But this course goes beyond cold reading techniques. What will really happen is this:Did I mention how fun it can be? On one occasion I observed a tealeaf reader. Your reading will only succeed to the degree that the subject is made an active participant in the reading.

Let me say that in truth learning the art of cold reading is much like learning to play the guitar; you can do a lot just by learning the basics and there is no end to the depth of what you can learn if you continue your studies.

Do you have a spiritual practice? This will set an upbeat mood for the reading. They often find people, often family, giving them responsibilities they wouldn't otherwise take on. You will then catch your subject off guard. You often try to leave an impression on your surroundings that you are stern and rigid, while you are actually an emotional and vulnerable person.